My favorite was hard to choose, and although browns aren't everyone's cup of tea, yet it’s like my herbal infusion, and although there is 8 crazy colors; the wooden looking mushroom print has a strong power over me, and would look great in a frame on my average beige walls. There is not many sites that I can get attached to, but I've spent over an hour going through the sites wonders and cheer-me-up qualities. So I had a look around at the collection of clothing and jewelry and right and the end of the stalls was a little arrangement of colorful bunting and a rainbow arrangement of yarn.

This is a collection of independent businesses that are just starting up, like some organic, non fat, decaf coffee, with 2 sugars, soya whipped cream, half foam latte kind of crazy market, I'm kidding, I got a regular fair trade coffee. But how easy is it to come across yummy buttons? I say, get a good jacket and buy the buttons separately, markets can be a good place, but the buttons only look vintage, and there's a tub of them, someone else can have the same buttons as me! Its easy to say that I am not a sharer, not with my food, and no with my buttons! But a couple of months ago, I decided not to go get a jacket potato from down the road, but see what was on offer at the monthly university market.

The knitted buttons are actually adorable along with some huge 1960's buttons! It was a good day, let's just say a lot was learnt from not choosing a jacket potato.

There was a set of glamorous looking bunch bowls and tins filled with enchanting things, there was broken jewelry, which doesn't sound very interesting, but imagine the opportunities and the places that a broken necklace could go! Anyway there was a bowl of buttons sewn on to vintage wallpaper, well I was putty in the womens hand. It feels like I have unlocked my inner child and I just wish I could touch and play with the merchandise, my stimulus are on heat right now! Not only have I brought yet more buttons, but felt like I needed to update my notebooks, or maybe wall art, or just purchase some vintage wallpaper.

. When paying from my 15's of buttons, the lovely women gave me a little rectangle of unique printed wallpaper which I believe was a business card. I brought a handful of buttons, from gold, heavy army bad boys, to beautiful fabric coated floral and knitted buttons.

How exciting is vintage wallpaper! I just become flabbergasted at anything that has a well designed print, and these wallpapers tick all the boxes on style and But my weakness is buttons and anything shiny.

Obviously the whole roll of wallpaper is not available, but I decided to buy a couple of A3 sheets and also cover my sketchbook! I also had a crazy idea to line the inside of my little chest of drawers, maybe not with brown, but there is a few things that need mending, and the child's chest of drawers at the end of my bed would be perfect if lined with beautiful wallpaper and a splash of and under Button It is 3 pages of perfect creations - now I believe there is 5 pages encountering! I think they are keeping us hooked though, like many sites do, and will bring out more beauties when the time is right, the time should be now! I'm addicted.
I know I cant be the only one who is mesmerized by shiny, pretty things, it is tragically true that if someone dangles a collection of shiny things in my face, for a few seconds I may loose all concentration.spinstersemporium.

This site seems perfect for all things to creative and use inspiring Flax fabric materials.

I'm tuned in, and just like she said, two weeks later, I jumped onto www. She told me that much fonder buttons would be on the site in the next week or so, and that I should stay tuned. I hope this site has a lot more to offer, who knows what could happen with such a distinctive website, maybe this could be our generation's all mighty Cath Kidston. How often can you find truly inspiring materials? I thought my address book was already full of all boutiques, haberdashers and markets, but I think Spinster's Emporium may have to be squeezed in. I'm not a knitwear student, even though I do love jumpers, but a textile design student. Therefore good strong jewelry is a good choice for me, but when it comes to my clothes, there are items that will make be picked over practicality; these are anything sequined, anything with glitter threads or pretty much any jacket with good buttons and trimmings