Most of the people are not aware from the fact that the wood has been one of such materials that often gets stained and damaged very quickly. Therefore it is extreme vital that the person has to paint or color the wood for its suitable protection. As we know that the cabinets in kitchen, room or bathrooms are mostly made from the wooden material so in order to save the wood from get stained it is important that the cabinet must be finished with the coating of the paint. This finishing of pain has been termed as the Discoloring of Cabinet.

Now the main question is that how the cabinet would can be discolored? In this article we are lending the hand of assistance to the people and offering them with the simple method of discoloring the cabinet. Firstly gather the main items that are needed for discoloring adding with screwdriver, gloves, phosphate cleaner and water bucket along with the sand paper. In the first step just move down the cabinet from all the doors and drawers that have been fixed in the cabinet. Just lay them down on some piece of cloth or cleaned surface. Now mix the phosphate cleaner solution in the bucket of warm water. Make sure that you don’t forget to wear the gloves while mixing the solution. Now just dip the cloth or towel in the solution and clean the cabinet doors and fixtures with the piece of cloth so that all the dust and stains may get removed.

Once you have applied the solution just wait for sometime for allowing the solution to get properly dry out. Afterwards when it gets dry just take another clean towel and put sand on it. Now rinse the sand cloth smoothly on the door and all the wooden places of the cabinets. Now let the sand solution gets dry and after it just cleaned the cabinet with another new cloth so that the additional particles may get removed completely. You can even make the use of the tooth brushes if in case you feel that the cloth is not reaching inside some of the areas of the cabinet. You have to maximum wait for 24 hours for allowing the cabinet to get dry.

As it gets dry and still the stains are visible then you can still carry on with another repeat telecast of the whole process. In the finishing stages just make the use of paintbrush in the same way as the wood patterns has been moving. After the entire solution has allowed the cabinet to get dry then you can move forward for reinstalling all the portions of the cabinet. For this reason you have to wait for maximum 24 hours. Well this was all for the discoloring of the cabinets in much simple and effortless manner. We are sure that all the people who were having this troublesome of discoloring would have definitely gain much knowledge about the procedure. Now go to your kitchen cabinets and try it now.